Thursday, November 8, 2012
As much as I wanted to go , something is holding me back . Great friends don't always come by in your life . The ups & downs that we went through together had taught me the meaning of true FRIENDSHIP . Only few months being here with the rest , I feel different . From being lonely , to having real friends at work . Lonely as in I can't tell anyone about my daily life updates. Until , my 2L's came into the company . They were like my younger sisters , clever I must say . And they never fail to make me smile . After they came in a lot of things change like me & k , we became closer at work . We became open with each other . Last time I would always say " I miss my boyfriend " , she'll look at me & say "c'mon he's still in singapore , mine is at the sea on the boat . " But now is her turn to tell that she miss her boyfriend & I would tell her don't worry soon you'll get to see him . Endure for awhile . I don't know why but Im starting to feel connected with them.

When I feel so lonely on some days I would always look forward to work with T cause she knows what I am going through as her special someone is at Perth for 2 months . We were there for each other , for sharing secrets , to sharing sadness & on some days we tend to laughed a lot till our manager said " hey , you both laugh only , funny meh ? " But who cares we can't even keep quiet when we both work together . Like there's so many things to talk about. Girls being girls . Until one day my manager asked me this " Sab , why do you always love to laugh & giggle ??? " And I replied " then you expect me to cry is it ? I just love to laugh lah , it's my nature . " then I continued laughing with T .

I finally realize that no one , no other place can replace my beloved TM FA clans . 
& I am starting to love my new manager . 

Sunflowy Girl
8:36 PM

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Sunflowy Girl
10:16 PM

How have you been my dear buddy ? I miss having you around . I miss sharing stories with you cause no one listen to me better than you . Simply because you won't judge at all . I hope you're doing well over there.
I'll pray for your safety always . And I hope that you'll receive my letter soon . Cause I know you can't wait to read it . As for me I can't wait to receive your replies about the letter ! Just so you know , without you it seems so different . I am looking forward for your return my dearest buddy . Can't wait to see you !

yours truly  ,  nur sabrina  :)

Sunflowy Girl
10:13 PM

Monday, September 17, 2012
People come people go . Some stay for a reason , some left you behind for the better . But no matter what happen it's all up to you wether to remember them or to erase them from your memory(if that's possible) or hate them . Right ? As for me I choose to remember everyone of them who have left me & I must admit I walked away from some my so called old friends for the better . Now days I choose friends which I want to be with , that brings benefits to my life . And sorry to whoever that I didn't tell my problems or not cause I feel that is not necessary at all to share everything . Sorry but I trusted some only ;)

Sunflowy Girl
11:05 AM

Thursday, June 28, 2012
Actual fact is ; I miss my girls most . Today I finally realized that I have stopped doing outing for the 5 of us .S & N can never get along well enough & I already accepted that . And left me in the middle , Always . And now no matter how much I miss the 5 of us , I am really thankful & blessed that I still stay in touch & meet up with my 3N's every months ;) . I can't wait for movie date with nur this coming sunday . And meeting nad & nab for our buffet date tomorrow! Let's get fat togetherrrrrrrrrrrrr ! ( it's been so long I didn't go for a jog ) ! Lately , I have not been active . Work is the only place I can exercise ;)

Yours truly , sabby-bello ? ;)

Sunflowy Girl
2:01 AM

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Not even a single word can describe how I totally feel about you after days , months & years of knowing you & your life .
Not a single mistake you've done can make me go crazy ? Only Allah knows what's in my heart ;)

Even by saying Thank You(s) for countless times can never replace/repay all the good deeds you've done for me through out the years .
But I want you to know that I appreciate all your efforts since day 1 . 

Thankful , Blessed to have a special friend like you to share my happiness & sadness ( a lil bit only ) , to have you support me in what I wanna do for my future , for always have Faith & Trust in me :)

2 years plus of friendship & counting ............

Yours truly ,one & only pink lady    :)

Sunflowy Girl
11:00 AM

This is Ummi-Canggih . Every time when she texted me , I feel so happy , only god knows how happy I feel. And she is a kind , loving person & so on :)

This is part of FA clans ! We're crazy but at the end of the day they will still be my friends . And the girl with the bangs is my "baby" at work . hehehe !

Recently like in the middle of last month I asked a friend of mine to do a Frame for me for the newlyweds . But the outcome of the frame designs is just simple & plain but nice . So my itchy hands went to the extra miles regardless how tired I am after working 13 hours & done some touched-up . And of course a CARD . 
Extraordinary one , always ! :)

Well , I just feel like uploading this pictures cause this pictures contain a lot of good memories . And I can never forget those moments spend with my awesome loving people :) And life , have been great ! Regardless of how many ups & downs I have to go through . Alhamdullilah Syukran :)

Sunflowy Girl
10:48 AM

Sunflowy Girl
SABRINA is my name . I am 19 this year.
I ♥ my family , my 2SOME-BFF & my friends.
His CIKBE♥♥ , winks !
Most importantly ;♡ & ♫ & ☮

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